Thursday, December 24, 2015

Happy NINE (9) YEARS a Lockhead !!! Happy Forever Family Day!!

Good day to all and Merry Christmas to All as well!

As difficult as it is to believe, NINE years ago, we were given the precious gift of our first son.  It was Christmas Eve and we remember every detail of the first few hours we spent with him at the Civil Affairs Office, and later at our Hotel in Nanchang.
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What a wonderful day in our lives.

A short time ago (or it seems a short time), we posted some photos and an update for Kyle at his 10th Birthday.  Since then, Kyle's made great progress as a trumpet player, earning high praise from his Music Teacher.  He's practicing very hard to make the Band and to be able to participate in the Spring Concert at school.

Speaking of school, he continues to blast through the 4th Grade.  He enjoys his teacher and the friends he's made.  He's looking forward to the 2nd half of the year and finishing up 4th grade in preparation for the 5th grade (and his FINAL year in elementary school)!

Kyle has really grown into his role as a Big Brother to Dylan, Ashley and Ryan.  He's very responsible and takes this very seriously - especially now that he's left "in charge" occasionally.

We've done a lot of fun stuff as a family in the fall.  Below is a nice moment captured at Dutch Wonderland during their Christmas celebration.


Here's to a Merry Christmas to all, and a wonderous New Year for our young son, Kyle.

We Love You,
Mom & Dad

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Happy 10th Birthday, Kyle !!!!

Good evening all, Dad reporting in to do a quick drive-by Post to commemorate Kyle's 10th Birthday.

Here he is today in his 4th Grade Class Photo...

Happy Birthday from Mom, Dad, Dylan, Ashley and Ryan!

It's challenging to grasp that Kyle just turned 10 today.  It truly just seems like yesterday that we embarked on our first Most Excellent China Adventure to bring him home.

It's been a busy year on many fronts.  In May, Kyle and the rest of the family traveled again to China to bring home his second little brother, Ryan.  To everyone's relief, the trip was very enjoyable and involved a grand total of NO stops in Chinese hospitals.  Ryan very much admires and looks up to Kyle and Kyle plays the Big Brother role like he was born for it.

As I mentioned Kyle wrapped up 3rd Grade in June and started 4th Grade in August.  He just got his PSSA Test results from last spring and they were great in both Math and English/Language Arts. He loves to read and is enjoying his first few weeks of 4th Grade.  Hard to believe that next year will be his last in Elementary School.

In addition to our China Trip, we also visited Playa Mujeres (near Cancun), Mexico.  We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the sun, beach and pool.

For the first time, the kids spent the summer at home with Dad (and didn't participate in full day summer camp).  Days were filled with Bike Ride Adventures, Museums and Parks and a couple of weeks of Special Summer Camps (Spy Camp and Clay Camp).  We made a trip to Michigan to visit Poppa, Grandma, Uncle Mark, Aunt Avery and Logan, Paityn, and Luke.  We even got another chance to see Logan play in a LAX tournament near Philadelphia.  We made a side trip to Crystal Cave, too.

We even had a visit from our old family friends, the Pokols, since they were in Town for a Basketball Tournament.  It was great fun catching up with them!

Here are some highlights...

Celebrating his brother Dylan's Birthday

Posing with some Mexicans in Traditional Dress

After Dinner in Mexico

 Chilling before Dinner in Mexico

Hangin' with Mom at the Beach in Mexico

Preparing for Ryan's arrival in March - sending him Birthday Wishes...

At the Great Wall, near Beijing, just before the Toboggan Ride!

 In Shanghai, with just a clear glass floor at about 800'

 Cooling off in the backyard this Summer

At Uncle Mark's Pool in Michigan

In September, at the Wetlands Institute in Stone Harbor, NJ

Catching up with Logan at his LAX Tournament

Enjoying Longwood Gardens

We had some special visitors in the spring - with Muriel Pokol

Saying TTFN (Ta-Ta for Now) to one of Kyle's oldest and dearest Friends before she and her family head off the Tokyo, Japan for a few years to follow Mom and hr cool new job

At Green Lane Park, one one of our many Bike Trips this summer

With UM, AA, and Luke at Crystal Cave

All Dutch Wonderland

Soaring at DW

The One and Only REAL Megatron, at the Mack Truck Museum

One of our Beach Days in Cape May

At the Schuylkill Valley Nature Center

At the Zoo in Micigan with Luke - on the Ropes Course, high above the forest...

At a quick stop on our lake Michigan Dune Tour (in a Dune Buggy!)

It was a fun Summer as we now say goodbye forever to Year #10 and blast into Year #11 !!

All our Love on your 10th Birthday, Kyle.
Mom & Dad

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

9 Years Old Today! Happy Birthday Kyle!!

Another year, another "drive-by" post from Dad.

This time to recognize Kyle's last single-digit birthday!

He had a great time today - I think it met his expectations.  He is a little guy that really looks forward to his birthdays - and sharing them with his family and friends.  He treated his 3rd Grade classmates to some Cookies and M&Ms - they were reportedly very happy to partake.

Kyle loves his new teacher and he's psyched to be in 3rd Grade.  We had a great summer - another UMLY summer camp season - with Dylan and Ashley again!  He has developed into an excellent swimmer, who's not afraid to dive, either.

He enjoys bike and scooter riding with Dylan, and his friends from the neighborhood.  He continues to be a good big brother and he shares his MineCraft "World" with his brother and sister.

We enjoyed a spring Vacation in Cancun and a late summer trip to visit Lisa's cousin (Aunt Julie) in Southern California.  Yes, we did also manage to make it to Disneyland, Legoland, California Adventure, the San Diego Zoo and we did some whale watching in Dana Point.  Thanks to Mom for her extraordinary trip planning skills.

We visited Grandma, Poppa, Uncle Mark, Aunt Avery, Paityn, Logan and Luke in Michigan at Christmas and again in the summer.

It's hard to believe that Kyle is celebrating number NINE already - he's already planning # 10!!!

We love you very much Kyle.
Mom & Dad

Here are a few pictures...

In California...

 Tonight, blowing out candles...

At Bushkill Falls...

Whale Watching in Dana Pt., CA

 In Cape May, NJ...

At Valley Forge National Park...

Manning the Rudder - Sailing in Cancun...

In Cancun...

 On the Beach at Club Med, Cancun...
(The Birds just flew up and landed on his arms - yeah right!)

In Myrtle Beach, SC...

In Myrtle Beach, SC - recreating a wonderful shot with Mom...

Bringing out the guns at Ringing Rock Park...

 Cooling off with Ashley in the summer...

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Seven Years, Kyle!!

If it's Christmas, it must be Grand Rapids!
Finally, some SNOW!!  We arrived to about 8" on the ground and we added a few more last night.
Today's been off & on - so we'll have a white Christmas.  First one in (3) years!

Just Dad here with a drive-by post to mark SEVEN years for Kyle on his Forever Family Day.

We can't believe that another year has passed, and a busy one at that.

Kyle's now firmly established as a second grader and he's been a great big brother influence for Dylan as Dylan navigates first grade.  Kyle continues to excel in Math & Reading and he's made many friends in his new class (even though many of his first grade classmates were moved to other classes).

He continues to enjoy Lego Projects, Wii, and learning about pretty much anything.  He's a jump rope expert, loves to play basketball in the driveway (thanks to Mr. Dave for the backboard!) and he throws a tight spiral.  Just tonight, Mom helped him discover "" where he's writing basic (not the language) programs to direct "angry birds" though mazes to gobble up "green pigs".

Kyle would wear shorts to school every day if we let him and he can't get enough of the snow!

The family was very active again last year and the rest of the crew's doing well.
We're hoping to have another fun trip to Mexico this spring.

Congratulations, we love you and we can't believe that we're lucky enough to be your parents. Can't wait to see what next year brings.

Dad & Mom

Monday, September 30, 2013

Happy Birthday, Kyle!! 8 Years Old Today...

Hi all, Dad here,

Just checking in to mark the happy occasion of Birthday # 8 for Kyle.  Today was a very good day, and Kyle celebrated another birthday, at home with our family and Grandma and Poppa Wedder.  Grandma and Poppa are visiting for a little while - they really helped out while Ashley was in the hospital for a few days recently.

We had ice cream cake (Chocolate, of course) and Kyle got the camera that he'd wanted, as well as a cool Lego Set.  He's already begun to build the Lego set - and it won't be long before it's done!

Here he is in a photo from earlier tonight...


Kyle started 2nd Grade (!!) this fall and he'd really enjoying his new teacher and new class friends.  He excels at Math and has really done well with his reading skills.  It's been fun to watch.

When I told some of our friends at Goddard School that Kyle was EIGHT, they could not believe it!  We were joking about the first few days that Kyle was at GS - he had a hard time even moving around until he learned how to "scoot" on his little bottom!

Kyle is a very generous and kind big brother to both Dylan and Ashley.  He's showing Dylan all of the ins and outs of school routines at Oak Ridge.  And he's always keeping a close eye on Ashley, making sure that she's OK.

Mom and I just wanted to post a short Happy Birthday message to commemorate the day.
Happy Birthday Kyle.  We love you very much.


Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy 6 Years as a Lockhead! Forever Family Day!

Hi again,

Dad here again, and again from Grand Rapids, our home away from home during the Christmas Holidays.  Thanks to Gramma and Poppa Wedder and Uncle Mark and Aunt Avery for their hospitality.

Hard to believe that it's been SIX years...and that's it already Christmas again.  Merry Christmas to all of the Lockheads/Careys wherever you might be this evening.

We arrived on Saturday afternoon, and we'll stay for a week or so.  (Hopefully we'll see some snow this week...we have been very unlucky during the last two trips.  No snow on the ground when we arrive and none while we were here.  Darn global warming...maybe Al Gore's onto something?  Naahhh.  Maybe snow will get here on Thursday?

I just wanted to do a "drive-by" post to commemorate this day.  Christmas Eve will never be the same.

Kyle is doing great - safely asleep with his brother and sister - awaiting SC's visit.  Shortly before we herded everyone upstairs, we check on the Big Man's progress - and yes, "there's an APP for that".  It appeared that he was taking care of Portugal and Spain.

He's halfway through 1st Grade and he loves to learn - he's inquisitive and he's developed exceptional math skills.  He's really starting to accelerate his with his reading skills, as well.  He and Dylan love bike riding whether around the neighborhood or at local parks on the trails.  He's a very caring big brother and he really looks after Ashley and Dylan. That is fun to see.  He's also making a lot of friends at school and exploring more of the things that are interesting him.

He got his first chance to ride the school bus home from school last Friday! (Our schedules unfortunately don't permit this very often.)  Mom waited patiently for the Bus to stop and for Kyle to hop off - IT DID...BUT HE DIDN'T!!  It turns out he missed his stop - luckily the driver knows the route, the neighborhood, and the kids really well - he made second pass and Kyle finally made it off!!  Very funny - Mom didn't seem amused...?

It's been a great week so far.  We went to the movies to see Monsters Inc (3D) with UM, AA, and cousin Luke and Logan.  (Ashley passed out in about 25 minutes - a much better result that the last three times!)  We spent a few moments today with Gramma and Poppa also - showing them the kids' adoption videos and the musical collages we put together for them.  That was fun to do - they are all having a lot more to say about their experiences in China - mostly Dylan, since he had the longest and strongest ties.

Again, as the end of the night approaches, Merry Christmas to the families with whom we traveled to China to meet Kyle.

Just for the record, I have the Charlie Brown / Vince Guaraldi album playing in the background as I type - I make sure to try to listen at least for a few moments every Christmas Eve.

Thanks for checking in and...Happy Gotcha Day, Kyle.

Here are a few recent photos - be sure to check Facebook as well.

Good night and a Merry Christmas to all.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday Kyle!!

Hi All, Dad Checking in...

Kyle turns SEVEN (7) years old today.

Happy Birthday!!
He is celebrating by putting together a pretty complicated LEGO set that he got as a gift.

Grandma and Poppa are visiting from Grand Rapids and we're enjoying a full "birthday weekend."  We had a small ice cream cake last night after dinner and we sang "Happy Birthday".

Kyle is doing really well and is enjoying 1st Grade - he would go 7 days a week if he could!  He like almost all of his school subjects and seems to excel at Math.

It's hard to believe how the time has melted away - Lisa and I were joking the other day that it was a few weeks after he came home with us until he could even scoot along the floor on his little bottom.  Now he's got tons of strength and confidence, is a great swimmer, has already outgrown his bike, and loves to visit any playground we see.

Here are a few more recent photos...

Walking with Ashley at the Fishing Pier at Seal Beach, CA, during our recent trip to California...

Riding a giant tortoise at the San Diego Zoo...

And Kyle, Mom & Dylan riding the Matterhorn (Very unexpected development, since Kyle is NOT a rollercoaster kid - the Matterhorn is somewhat mild, though and Kyle really loved it.  The most important thing at Disneyland was to "ride the Matterhorn at night".)

Here's to Birthday #7 - We hope you have a great day.

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Happy Birthday, Kyle.
We Love You.
Mom & Dad